A Law Firm Singularly Dedicated to Helping Business Owners in NW Tasmania
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NW Tasmania is our Neighbourhood. We are your Neighbourhood Law Firm
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Different is Good. Welcome to a New Kind of Law Firm
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"Value Guarantee – No Value, No Fee"
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"Open Door Policy – Chat with Us, Anytime, No Charge"
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Whitelaw Legal Group ILP (an incorporated legal practice)





Magistrate Courts criminal work

Restricted Driving Licence Applications

Buying and selling a business

Commercial Leases

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A Results Orientated Law Firm in Burnie Tasmania


"Becoming the go-to firm for businesses in NW Tasmania"

To grow exponentially by bringing like-minded law firms into our Group

To always be innovative, responsive and proactive in meeting the needs of our clients

To keep expanding our ability to service the needs and interests of the business and professional community in NW Tasmania


Chris Whitelaw

Christopher Whitelaw is the Principal and Legal Practice Director of WLG.

Christopher has a Masters degree in Law and has practised as a commercial lawyer, barrister, arbitrator and mediator in New South Wales over the last 30 years, moving to NW Tasmania in late 2016.


Christopher is now a registered legal practitioner and mediator in Tasmania. WLG is an incorporated legal practice (ILP).


You can find out more about Christopher here.

WLG Team Members

Executive Assistant and Paralegal

TingTing Cao

TingTing Cao has degree of Business and Accounting from UTS and Master of Business from Newcastle University, speaks fluent Mandarin. Her skill set covers a wide range and includes Office Systems, Office IT, Client Care, Appointment Scheduling and File Management.


We know how to listen.
We will not charge you a cent until we have properly heard you and delivered to you a blueprint or roadmap to achieve the result you want and you have approved that blueprint.
We are experts in what say we do.
Our first step is called “Triage” – where we fully analyse and evaluate your instructions and then work out the best way to manage your case to achieve your desired outcome in the least time and at the lowest possible cost to you.
We are different to most law firms in that we will not start time charging you the moment you enter our doors, we will not bill you for working out what you really want or need and getting you to approve an action blueprint and when we know what you want, and the value you want delivered, we will, in consultation with you, work out a fair and reasonable pricing and deliver you with a fixed fee quote for your acceptance.
We back up our service with a value based guarantee. The value deliverables will be spelt out in our action blueprint that you have approved, and if we don’t deliver you won’t have to pay.
Our focus is NW Tasmania, and nowhere else.


A thorough analysis and evaluation of each matter brought to it by a client and mapping out best possible way to serve the client and achieve the client’s goals and objectives. This is set out in an action blueprint taken to the client for approval.
During triage we will establish whether what the client needs is solely a legal service or some other kind of service or a combination of both and the way we draw up the action blueprint or roadmap ensures clients will have a clear strategy from the start and have access to the right resources to minimise time wastage and cost and enhance prospects of achieving the targeted result in the shortest possible time and the lowest possible cost.
We don’t and won’t try to make money out of our clients by inefficient time charges; our action blueprint will map out all steps or stages of work involved to achieve the result the client wants and put a fixed price tag on each stage of work. We will interim bill at completion of each stage and evaluate progress with you, the client. We will only move on to the next stage of work when you, the client, give us the green light. Our way of working requires full disclosure and transparency; no surprises suddenly coming out of left field.
We are committed to exploring and exhausting all ways to resolve disputes without going to court before recommending the litigation route to our clients who have the misfortune to be exposed to it. Having said this, we recognise that sometimes it is necessary to go straight to court – e.g. to protect some threatened right, obtain an urgent injunction or obtain a needed legal precedent to avoid future disputes.
We aim at all times to be good communicators with our clients and being prompt in responding to their questions or enquiries.



No time charge. No exorbitant fees. Just dedicated lawyers Burnie.

Need legal representation? You can count on our law firm. Burnie business owners are always welcome in our office. We specialise in business and commercial law. But more than that, we are sensitive to the needs and concerns of small business owners in NW Tasmania.
That’s why we don’t charge until we deliver genuine value. Feel free to consult with us. Tell us your problems and our lawyers Burnie will provide the solution. No need to keep glancing at your watch. We don’t charge you for every six minutes of our time.
Our job is to listen. When you approach our law firm Burnie, we offer you an action blueprint that will chart the course of our partnership.
Because we care about results. Whitelaw Group wants to serve the business community, particularly small business owners who face difficulty getting good legal representation. We are here to protect your interests.
If you need a solicitor Burnie, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our lawyers seek win-win scenarios that will help you move on and focus on what’s truly important: growing your business


Hire a solicitor Burnie for fair and just conflict management.

Running a small business is hard. It gets even harder when you have to deal with legal disputes. But that’s what we’re here for. We help resolve legal conflict so that you can focus on managing your business.
Lawyers Burnie take a level-headed approach to legal disputes. After our initial consultation, we go into Triage, during which we work out the best methods and strategies to ensure that you stay on budget with conflict resolution. Then we offer an actionable blueprint and prognosis to shed light on possible outcomes.
Litigation should always be the last option. Our law firm Burnie relies on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services that include mediation, negotiation, arbitration, and conciliation. But if we believe that you need legal services, we will be happy to offer those as well.
In any case, we will review your case closely and exhaust all means to help you achieve the most favourable outcome.
And in the event that we are unable to create the best results, we won’t charge. Our solicitor Burnie will only collect fees if we deliver genuine value. Talk to lawyers Burnie, Tasmania with peace of mind.


Business dispute? Leave it up to a law firm Tasmania.

As any entrepreneur knows, running a small business in Tasmania is no easy task. You’re bound to run into some trouble despite your best efforts. And when you do, you’ll need the professional guidance of law firms in Tasmania. Getting legal representation will help protect your business and allow you to move forward.
The problem? Most Tasmania law firms start charging you the moment you get your foot through the door. And for small business owners who already have a difficult time balancing the books, the costs can be steep. And yet going to court without proper legal representation leaves you open to attack and undesirable outcomes.
Whitelaw Group is a law firm you can trust. You don’t pay unless we deliver real results. We are less focused on accounting and more intent on sorting out your legal issues. Our lawyers are here to serve.
Welcome to a new kind of legal practice. We founded our law firm with the goal of helping small businesses in our community. Get legal support from a solicitor Tasmania. Whitelaw Group is your friendly neighbourhood law firm.


Work with the leading authority on family law Burnie.

Family is complicated. Here at Whitelaw Group, we understand that divorce, adoption, parenting arrangements, and child support are delicate issues that must be handled with tact and discretion. Likewise, these issues can cause heightened emotions and therefore require an objective legal perspective.
You can receive guidance from family lawyers Tasmania during this difficult time. With our lawyers as intermediary, we will help you and your loved ones come to a fair and acceptable agreement regarding the division of assets, child contact, and other thorny issues. Getting a family lawyer involved can help save you a lot of grief as well as maintain cordial relations with other members of the family.
You don’t have to go through it alone. If you are unable to come to terms with family, our reading and interpretation of family law Burnie can clear up the air and determine the best course of action for everyone involved.
As dedicated family lawyers Burnie, our team observes utmost confidentiality and professionalism. By entrusting your troubles with a tactful and considerate solicitor Tasmania, you preserve close ties with your loved ones as well as move past the most divisive challenges you might face as a family.