Protecting Your Intellectual Property With An IP Lawyer In Tasmania

“I have spent years building up my business and its brand, including going online. I have just become aware of a competitor business who has put up a misleading and deceptive website with a logo and graphics that are too similar to my own and I have seen my own customer traffic go down over the last 2 months. Can I stop this guy and get compensation?"
Theft of a business's valuable IP can happen at any time, and all businesses that are "in the money" need to be vigilant to protect their IP and be ready to take swift action to stop those who will try to use your IP without your written permission. This includes any copyright you own, trademarks, designs and so on.
Competitors who see your success, may try in different deceptive ways to pass themselves off as you and leverage your name recognition to gain more trade and sales at your expense. There are laws available to protect your IP and to stop those who try to steal your IP or make improper use of it for financial gain or in ways that might jeopardise your business reputation. We have the skills and experience to be on your side when needed to protect and safeguard your IP rights and interests.
Copyright, registered trade marks, industrial designs, patents, commercially confidential information and commercial names and service marks are the core inventory of a businesses’ intellectual property.
Over time, your intellectual property, becomes a valuable business asset, which is why it needs to be identified, registered where possible and protected.

Our IP Lawyers in Burnie can help you with:

Copyright confers rights in relation to the reproduction and dissemination of original material created within your business that expresses ideas or information. Whilst you cannot register a copyright, there are ways to make people aware that you own the copyright and intend to protect it from infringement.
Trade marks are signs used to distinguish your products – either goods or services – from another businesses’ products or services. Your primary protection comes through registering your trade marks.
Product designs are often critical to the product’s commercial success as you can register your designs for 10 years. Once you register your design a competitor cannot commercially exploit it without your permission and paying you an agreed fee to do so.
A registered patent will give you an exclusive right to exploit an invented product or process.
Commercially sensitive and Confidential Information, if adequately protected, may give you a commercial edge in your marketplace. Anyone having access to this information must be placed under a legal obligation not to disclose it or to make their own commercial use of it.

How Whitelaw Legal Group protects your IP interests:

Whitelaw Legal Group is a trusted law firm in Burnie, TAS specialising in intellectual property law. Our commitment is delivering tangible results; you only pay when we succeed. We prioritise resolving your legal matters over accounting intricacies. With our dedicated team of lawyers, your intellectual property concerns are in capable hands.