Provide legal advice in all areas of our expertise
Draft and review legal documents to protect our client’s interests
Manage disputes effectively and efficiently to save our client’s time and money
Represent you in court if necessary in our fields of expertise
Provide Negotiation and/or Mediation services in suitable cases



Christopher Whitelaw is a nationally accredited mediator and dispute resolver and an approved Rule 9 Mediator in Tasmania and has experience in the following dispute areas –
Business disputes
Family Law Property disputes
Building disputes
Personal Injury negligence claim disputes
Contract disputes
Civil claim disputes
Alternative Dispute Resolution (called “ADR”) services encompass assisted negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration.
Sometimes the best pathway to resolving a dispute is not a legal one, but an ADR one.
If there are legal issues involved in the dispute then you may need to engage our legal services combined with the ADR service. Only registered and licenced lawyers can provide legal advice and legal services.
Many disputes however do not require legal services to be expertly and effectively managed and resolved using ADR options and strategies.
If, during the preliminary triage step, when we thoroughly evaluate any dispute you bring to us, we determine that it is not legal services you need most, but rather ADR services, we may refer you to the Tasmania Disputes Center.
The Tasmania Disputes Center. (trading as TasDisputesCentre) is our strategic alliance partner in the field of dispute management and dispute resolution.
ADR practitioners may or may not also be lawyers, but they do not offer legal advice, but rather advice and guidance on how to manage and resolve a dispute without any need to retain expensive lawyers or go to court.
Please feel free to visit www.tasdisputescenter.com.au. and check out what it has to offer in the field of ADR.
Here are some links to valuable resources found on the TasDisputesCentre website that will assist you to understand the difference between legal services and ADR services.
If you want to better understand how non-litigious ADR (alternative dispute resolution) strategies might benefit you more than taking a matter straight to court please visit our frequently asked questions page on our TasDisputesCenter website.
Due to the strong association in the public mind between “lawyers” and “litigation”, and the public perception that lawyers are aggressive, confrontational and expensive, we have found from direct experience that retaining the ADR services of TasDisputesCentre at first instance can facilitate opening the door to early dispute resolution.

When it comes to commercial dispute management, the primary goal is always early, quick and cost effective dispute resolution, and we use our triage process to work out the best choice of all available choices to achieve that goal.

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