Whitelaw Legal Group Are Specialist Contract Lawyers In Burnie, Tasmania.

Contracts are part of everyday life. They come up in all sorts of contexts and circumstances –

What could go wrong, if you don't have the right sort of contract or agreement?

Having quality effective lawyer approved contracts in place puts you ahead of the game and gives you peace of mind.

What We Can Do For You –
Contract disputes argued in court can easily cost each party over $50,000 and sometimes much more.
Litigation can take 1-2 years to complete, including possible appeals.
In contrast, early intervention using alternative dispute management and resolution techniques and strategies (e.g. assisted negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration) can have disputes resolved within 8 weeks within a typical cost range of $5,000 -$10,000 shared between the parties.
What we see way too often are clients coming to us with disputes that have been dragging on for too long, costing them heaps of money and wasted time, disrupting their plans and causing them stress and inconvenience that could have been avoided if they had a differently drafted contract.
Some people enter into business deals without any written agreement – a recipe for disaster down the track.
A well drafted contract operates like an insurance policy and will give you peace of mind. Anything that could go wrong is covered in the contract and your interests are fully protected.

Our Open-Door Policy

Our open-door policy means you can come and see us anytime to discuss your needs, ask your questions and listen to our up-front guidance without incurring any legal charges. We will present you with a blueprint of how we believe we can assist you, your best options and cost estimates and let you decide whether or not to engage our services. Once you make that decision we will prepare our standard client engagement letter and send it out to you to review. If you are happy with the proposed terms and sign and return it we will get to work for you immediately.

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