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My staff are vital to my business success and I cannot afford to get caught up in messy and expensive employment or industrial disputes – what can I do to mitigate this risk?

Any business that neglects this area of prudent business management is “an accident waiting to happen”. The smaller businesses are most at risk because employee lawsuits can become a major distraction, a huge drain on cash flow and potentially damage your business reputation.

Prevention is the key.Prevention and risk management are mainly achieved via –

Our employment dispute law services can help by:

Employment disputes can be avoided by being aware of a few key areas:

Another integral part of your recipe for staying out of employment disputes is to be totally abreast of and on top of the following areas that can breed disputes –

Anti-Discrimination: Your recruitment and advancement/promotion practices and policies must ensure that you do not discriminate based on sex, age or religion.

Anti-bullying/harassment: If you read the news you will know that still too much bullying and harassment goes on in the workplace. As an employer you must have policies and practices in place to guard against this and to enable affected persons to feel safe to come forward and lodge a complaint and have it properly investigated without any fear of adverse consequences to them at work in doing so.

Breach of Fair Work Act: The Fair Work Act covers a multitude of things every employer must be aware if they want to avoid investigations, statutory penalties or employee litigation. This of course includes unfair dismissal and unlawful termination laws.

Whitelaw Legal Group can help you highlight potential employment law issues:

The first thing we would do is provide you with a comprehensive self-audit check list that will highlight any gaps or deficiencies in your current compliance with employment and workplace laws and regulations.

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