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In Australia there is a national defamation law. In Tasmania that national law is contained in the Defamation Act (Tas) 2005.

You may have a cause of action for defamation if someone publishes defamatory matter about you to other people. If so, finding an experienced defamation lawyer in Tasmania is vital to finding a remedy.

A publication may be found to be defamatory if the published matter (words, images etc.) conveys a meaning or imputation which would be likely to cause an ordinary person in your community to think less of you. A defamation solicitor in Tasmania like Whitelaw Legal Group can advise you on your options.

It comes down to the natural and ordinary meaning of what has been published. It comes down to what an ordinary reasonable person would understand from the publication.

It is an objective test, and it does not depend on what the person who publishes the words/images intended.

You need to consider whether the published material is truly harmful to your reputation in your community.  The legal test is whether the defamatory material is likely to cause serious harm to your reputation and a defamation lawyer can help you determine this.

The Court has power under the law to issue an injunction to stop further publication of the defamatory material, to have it removed and also to award compensatory damages.

However, before you can go to Court you must attempt out of court resolution of your claim. This is done by having your lawyer prepare and serve on the person you allege has defamed you a Concerns Notice, giving that person a chance to make amends.  This concerns notice will set out the details of what you are complaining is defamatory and to give the person sufficient time to respond and make amends – e.g., by offering a public apology.

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