Hi, this is Christopher Whitelaw and I welcome you to our Open Door Biz Law 101 Resources web page.

You will find a link here to a drop box folder containing the resources. We will keep adding new resources to it so keep coming back to see what else we’ve added.

As a business owner, your biggest challenge is to keep narrowing the gap of “What I don’t know I don’t know”. It is that the size of that gap that will determine the extent of the risks that your business is exposed to.

We have all heard it said many times – “Prevention is Better than the Cure”.

The best way to prevent risks to your business manifesting and creating stress and havoc for you is to regularly find out what you don’t know, but should know, so that you can take timely actions to safeguard your business from those risks.

That is what this resources page is for – to help you in that endeavour.

And we are going to take it a step further – allowing you to ask us questions right here and get a prompt reply.

Simply use the Enquiry box located further down the page and send us any question you would like an answer to and we promise to give you a response within 48 hours.

This is not about offering Free Legal Advice. We will only give legal advice to our clients. But we will do our best to give you free guidance and direction. If we can, we will highlight for you what we think is important for you to know and signal the steps you need to take. If there are any risks you are exposed to we will highlight them. If there is some simple next step solution open to you we will highlight it. If we need additional information we need to be in a position to assist you we will let you know what that is.


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