Being a Disrupter in Commercial Disputes Resolution

The Problem – Roughly 500,000 commercial disputes are filed in courts around Australia each year. That is a lot of disputes! Going to Court should be the last resort for everyone involved in a commercial dispute. Why so? Because –
  • Litigation is a time waster;
  • Litigation is very costly;
  • Litigation is a major distraction to any business;
  • Litigation in an adversarial legal system is usually very stressful;
  • Litigation is hugely risky as the loser will most likely be ordered to pay the winner’s legal costs;
  • The outcome of litigation is hugely speculative – it all comes down to a judge reaching a view about the evidence, witness credibility and the law;
  • Decisions of the first court to hear the dispute can, in most cases, be appealed;
  • Appeals can and often do add a lot of extra delay and cost to the litigants.
Aren’t these good enough reasons to do all within your power and creativity to avoid litigation at all costs? You would think so. But the fact that 500,000 commercial disputes are being filed annually proves the contrary. The cumulative impact on litigants, under resourced court system, the taxpayer and the community at large is massive. The disrupters – Whitelaw Legal Group is a disrupter. It is a disrupter via its philosophy and approach to managing and resolving commercial disputes. Now another disrupter is about to enter the market. In The Australian published on 18 April 2019, it is announced that a new national ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) business is about to launch. It has signed up 90 or so top notch lawyers who are accredited mediators and arbitrators to offer quicker, cheaper and less stressful commercial disputes management and resolution. That 90 includes ex-judges and top flight lawyers from major law firms. I guess they are saying “enough is enough” and openly declaring their intention to INTERRUPT AND DISRUPT this over-litigation that is consuming way too much of our nation’s energy and resources. The key elements to successful out of court strategies are all exhaustively discussed and explained on the Whitelaw Legal Group and TasDisputesCentre websites and blogs. Call us anytime, 24/7, and take advantage of our Open Door philosophy and approach to managing and resolving commercial disputes.
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