Tasmania has more of an ageing population than in most other States. So elder law is of particular importance here.

So what is Elder Law?

It is law of particular important to older people. For example –

  • older people being treated differently in the workplace;
  • discrimination based on age;
  • ageism;
  • financial abuse;
  • Powers of Attorney
  • estate planning;
  • accommodation options and in-home care services;
  • decision- making capacity and supportive decision makers;
  • Residential care;
  • Reverse Mortgages.

Whitelaw Legal Group can advise and assist older people with these types of issues.

We can also help you if you believe you are a victim of financial abuse.

Call us on 03 6431 7674 or send us a message from our Contact Us page. For more information on our firm please visit the home page on our website.

We offer an open door policy – first conferences are free and without time limit. Our initial aim is to fully understand your issue (s) and come up with an action blueprint for your approval.

It is sad to say this but elder abuse is more prevalent than many are aware of. Ageist assumptions abound and this fosters discriminatory attitudes towards older people.

There are a plethora of federal and state laws that touch upon the issues that are covered by elder law.

Those who work in the field of elder law seek to promote the dignity of older adults and help them remain engaged citizens within their local communities.

People are generally living longer these days and elder law helps promote happier longevity.

Elder law practitioners try to be more than just good lawyers for their clients. They want to be engaged in responsible lawyering, promoting ethical care principles and moral activism.

So call us and come in for a friendly chat.

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