Commercial Disputes Resolution in North West Tasmania

Whitelaw Legal Group is an expert in commercial disputes management and resolution. We provide dispute management and dispute resolution services to our clients either directly or we refer them to our sister business TasDisputesCentre at If the dispute management will require ongoing legal advice, then Whitelaw Legal Group will provide that. However, if two parties in a business dispute or in a family law property dispute choose to approach us together with a request to help them resolve their dispute without going to court then we can refer them to TasDisputesCentre. Check out our other blog posts – There are many blog posts on our website blog and on the TasDisputeCentre blog that explain our philosophy and approach to facilitating out of court non-litigious dispute resolution. The essence of what we offer to clients is confidential (out of the public eye) low-cost, expeditious and expert managed dispute resolution services. These services are available to those who want to avoid legal warfare and burdensome legal costs and the stress and uncertainty associated with litigation. Contract disputes, property disputes, intellectual property disputes, franchise disputes, building disputes and more are all amendable to these non-litigious services we offer. We triage (evaluate) each dispute to work out a blueprint for its most effective management and quick results/outcomes. Why pour money into legal fees and the expense and uncertainty of litigation when the dispute can be handled more expeditiously and cheaply outside of the court system? We know that for many business people the prospect of litigation can be daunting and anathema to their business goals. Of course it takes two tango as they say, and the very best prospects are for both parties to a dispute to commit to this alternative approach. Anyone who knows about mediation within the court system and litigation timeline knows that often the mediation opportunity comes to late and only after both parties have incurred substantial legal fees and this greatly inhibits the chances of a successful outcome at mediation. It is better to offer expert non-litigious dispute resolution services at a much earlier stage of the dispute. How can this alternative approach benefit them parties?
  • Less stress
  • Less cost
  • Quicker outcome/result
  • Restore rather than destroy business relationships
  • Aim at a pragmatic commercial outcome each party can live with rather than go for broke to make one a winner and the other a loser
Call us on 03 6431 7674 to make a time to come in for a chat – no time limit and no cost – just a chat to see if any of these services might be right for you.
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