More on the Australian Family Law Crisis

A plethora of articles appear regularly in the mainstream news about the ongoing family law crisis in Australia. For instance, this just appeared in The Australian on 2nd January – “The first phone call some parents will make in the New Year will be to a family law firm that stands to make thousands – or, sometimes, hundreds of thousands – of dollars from each of their desperate clients.” “Family separation or divorce is one of the most stressful times in the lives of all who experience it……..the most important things in a parent’s life are now at risk: financial security and their relationship with their kids.” “There is no well-known road map for healthy family separation.” “The best known, often easiest, pathway is into an adversarial court system that turns every family separation into a terrifying quasi-criminal affair.” “The model that the courts promulgate is of prolonged, acrimonious, unaffordable separations where the escalation of conflict is inevitable, and even incentivised.” Whitelaw Legal Group has for many years now offered a service that facilitates out of court property settlements. This service minimises the stress and the financial pressures that are often encountered in family law litigation. If you send us your enquiry via our “Contact Us” page we can set up an early conference to discuss your situation – no time limit and no fee charged.
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